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Reimbursement form

This form is for requesting reimbursement for the OIDFA 2020 Congress. The Executive Committee has decided that full refunds are provided, which means no administrative fees will be taken off. The only fee deducted is the international bank transfer fee.
If you have more than one registration (for example an accompanying person's registration as well), please submit a separate request through this form.

Please be so kind and fill every field correctly and double-check your data. This way the workflow is faster and you will receive the reimbursement more quickly. 

You can ask the refund to be made to somebody else’s bank account, if you'd like. In such a situation, please note that all other information in the bank data section also has to be the refund receiver’s information. In this case, the participant information and refund receiver information will be different.

Please note any refunds made outside of the European Union take longer to arrive. Usually, the refund should arrive in a week-and-a-half.

Participant's full name*
Contact e-mail address*In case we have any questions or issues regarding the refunding process.
Registration's invoice number*You received an invoice after registering for the Congress. If you cannot find your invoice, please write "-".

Bank data

Receiver's full name*If the bank account is in someone else's name, please put their full name instead of yours.
Receiver's IBAN account number*
Name and address of the receiver's bank*
Receiver's country*

Accommodation booking refund*
The accommodation fee will be refunded to the same account as the registration fee. If you would like to get a refund to another account, please write the account information in the comments box below.
Accommodation booking's invoice numberYou received an invoice after booking accommodation for the Congress. If you cannot find your invoice, please write "-".

Comments or additional information about your refund