Council Meeting Secretariat:

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  • The Congress has been postponed. What happens next? 
    All registered participants received an e-mail about the situation and procedures on April 24. If you have not received it, please contact the Delegate Services at By default, all registrations were transferred to next year and if you are planning to attend the Congress in 2021, no further action is necessary. Reminders about the registration options will be sent to registrants a couple of months before the event. 
    If you had not registered yet, the Delegate Services are handling the postponing of the event, excursions and all aspects. When the booking form will be opened again, we will announce it on this website and on the event's Facebook page and any newsletters of OIDFA.

  • I would like to get a refund for the registration. How to proceed?
    If you would like to cancel your registration and receive a refund, please e-mail to the Delegate Services at: In this case, a 35 EUR handling fee will be subtracted from the paid sum as per the cancellation terms. In addition, all bank charges on the reimbursement will be deducted from the sum. There is no deadline for reporting a cancellation, the same terms apply until up to 2 months before the event.
    Name changes are free of charge. If you have a replacement, please inform us via

  • The Congress has been postponed. What happens to my accommodation booking?
    If you booked accommodation via the booking form on the Congress website, the Delegate Services will transfer your booking to next year - you do not need to cancel your booking for this year at the hotel. If you have booked accommodation from other websites, please cancel the booking through them directly as the Delegate Services do not have this information.
  • I received a refund but it is less than the sum I paid. Why is that?
    As set in the cancellation terms, 35€ handling fee will be deducted from all refunds. In addition, registrants are liable to pay all bank charges of the refund, which differ based on the country or bank. You will receive a credit invoice with the sums via e-mail.

  • I have already paid for my accommodation booked on this website. What happens next?
    This year's bookings have been transferred to next year. If you are planning to attend the Congress in 2021, you do not need to do anything as the event takes place in the same period and corresponding dates will be booked. A reminder will be sent a couple of months before the event. If you would like to cancel and receive a refund, please follow the procedure. Everybody who had paid for accommodation via this booking form will receive an e-mail from the Delegate Services with more details soon. Name changes are free of charge. If you have a replacement, please inform us via


  • I have registered for the congress and received the invoice to my e-mail. I have already paid it, but have not received confirmation stating that my payment has been received. Is everything in order with my payment?
    When the payment has been made, the system will not send out an automatised confirmation letter. The payments are being checked regularly and the delegate services will personally contact the delegates whose payments have not arrived on time. If you have registered, received a letter with your registration data and paid the invoice, your registration will be confirmed automatically.
  • Can I pay several invoices with one bank transfer?
    Yes, you can pay the registration and accommodation invoices or the registration invoices of you and your colleagues in a single transfer - it is important to write all invoice numbers in the payment description.  
  • Can we share bank transfer fees?
    The participant needs to pay all bank transfer fees, including the correspondent bank fees. If you say that bank fees should be divided, a smaller amount will reach the secretariat and you will need to cover the extra fees later. 
  • What does the registration fee include?
    The full registration fee includes entrance to the lectures and exhibitions, visiting the museum during all three congress days, a congress bag, possibility to participate in courses, tours and dinner, to vote for the Congress Prize and Most Popular National Stand. If you pay the full fee, do not register for one-day exhibition passes. Meals for each day can be bought separately in the registration form.
  • What do I do if I am eligible for a discounted fee?
    If OIDFA has confirmed that you are eligible for a discounted fee, please register first and then send an e-mail to The registration form does not take discounts into account automatically, therefore the secretariat will check the amount of the discount and will send you an updated invoice via e-mail. 
  • What events can my accompanying person attend?
    An accompanying person can be registered for the Gala Dinner and Lace Tour in the same registration form as the main participant. The accompanying person can buy one-day exhibition tickets. The catering area is located inside the lecturing area that accompanying persons do not have access to, therefore meals cannot be bought. Other events are also available for main participants only.
  • I have registered for the congress, but unfortunately, I am not able to attend. Is it possible to get a refund for my participation fee?
    Please find the cancellation terms here. Name changes are free of charge. If you have found yourself a replacement, please inform us by writing to


  • Is breakfast included?
    Yes, all room rates booked through this website include breakfast.
  • Will I get a voucher for the hotel?
    You don't need a separate voucher. Before the event, we will send the hotels a list with rooms booked through us, so at the reception desk you can just say your name. If you wish, you can bring along the invoice that was automatically sent to you via e-mail after making the booking.
  • What happens if the payment deadline has passed but I have not yet paid the invoice? 
    Please contact the congress delegate services as soon as possible via The delegate services have the right to cancel unpaid and overdue bookings, but before the cancellation you will get an e-mail with a reminder that the invoice has not been paid.
  • It turned out that I cannot participate in the congress. Can somebody else use my booking?
    Yes, name changes can be made up to 2 days before the first booked night. If you have found yourself a replacement, please inform us by writing to
  • It turned out that I cannot participate in the congress. Can I get a refund for the accommodation I booked?
    Please find the cancellation terms here.
  • When I book my hotel room through this website, what are the check-in and check-out times?
    All bookings have the same check-in and check-out times as apply for all guests of that hotel. You can find the exact times on the websites of the hotels.