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COMPETITION of the 19th OIDFA General Assembly and World Lace Congress in Tartu, Estonia 2021

Theme: Fairytale

Explanation of the theme:

Fairytale – for every person this  may mean different things. A story from childhood, told by parents or grandparents, a wonderful event or trip, falling in love with someone, or the whole life that has turned out to be a fairytale. Fairytale can also be something imaginary, something beyond our reach, a dream which we hope will come true. Use your imagination, create something unique, tell your story – a fairytale in lace!

Competition rules:

The competition is open to all lacemakers, except members of the Executive Committee and the organising committee of the 2021 General Assembly and Congress.

The lace must be designed and worked by the participants.

The lace will remain the property of the maker.

The lace must be original and may not have previously been published or submitted in competitions.

The design must be worked in bobbin or needle lace or a combination of both.

More than one piece of lace may be submitted by any person.

A group may send in one piece of lace which has been jointly made by the members of the group.

Maximum dimensions of the packed lacework 50x50x50 cm.

If framed no glass is to be used.

Participation in the competition gives OIDFA the right to publish the design.

The lace will be judged by an impartial jury who will give consideration to the originality, design and workmanship.

The judges’ decision is final.

Prizes will be awarded:

Individual: 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes and certificates

Young lacemakers under 20 years: 1st prize + certificates

Groups: 1st prize + certificates

Entry forms are available from:

Priit Halberg, M. Metsanurga 16, 11617 Tallinn, Estonia


Submitting the lace:

Entry forms should reach the Committee by 31st January, 2021.

All entries should reach the Committee between 1st March and 30th April 2021 to be eligible for entry.

All mailing costs are to be paid by the participant.

The participant pays carriage and insurance costs during transportation.

A representative colour photograph of the lace must be included for identification purposes.

Name and address of the participant must be clearly indicated on the photograph of the lace. This photograph should also bear the title of the lace, display indications (e.g.”up“) and should be placed in an envelope and enclosed with the lace.

Collection of the lace:

The lace should be collected between 17.00 and 18.00 hours on Sunday, 1st August 2021 after the closing of the congress on providing an identity document and a photograph similar to the one used for identification purposes.

A nominated person can collect on your behalf with the correct documents.

Lace that has not been collected at the end of the congress will be sent back at the participant’s expense.


Entry forms should be sent by January 31 2021 to Priit Halberg, M. Metsanurga 16, 11617 Tallinn, Estonia, e-mail:

The lace for the competition should be sent by 30th April 2021 to Angelika Nöps, Piiri 6-7, Tartu 51007 Estonia